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Shift Report Entry

Upon completion of this form, a shift report will be generated and emailed to yourself and the CVFD Officers Corps.

Used to send confirmation of shift report.
Please say a few words about each call. Do NOT include any PII.
Example: "Call 1: MVA on Rt 28, transported one BLS patient. Call 2: Added on to MEDICAL, Medic transported, back in service."
Please provide general commentary about how the shift went. Good model: What went well? What didn't go well? What would you do differently next time?
Please say a few words about any training completed during the shift, to include AIT/DIT training or progress in a BLS Internship Task Book.
Use paper FRD-167 if Intranet is down.
Medications shall be LOCKED UP at the end of the shift. If the rollup will not lock, find another way to secure the meds- such as placing in the radio lockup or EMS closet. This includes the "band-aid box" in the BLS bag!
"Ready for service" includes vehicle cleaned inside and out, trash bins emptied, and fuel above 3/4 tank.