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Parking Registration

The parking lot at 5856 Old Centreville Road is private property of Centreville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. (CVFD). In an effort to keep the parking lot clear for staff and patrons, we are moving to a model where we actively manage the lot and tow unauthorized users. Please read and understand the following:

  1. The following groups are authorized to use the parking lot at all times. The parking spots closest to the building in each row are reserved for these groups 24/7.
    • CVFD volunteers
    • On duty FRD employees and LEOs
    • Vendors actively servicing FS417 or the Bingo Hall
  2. Bingo Patrons may use any available parking spot on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM.
  3. Groups renting the Bingo Hall may use any available parking spot during their rental period.
  4. All other groups must display a CVFD parking permit on their Dashboard.

CVFD reserves the right to tow unauthorized vehicles from the lot at the vehicle owner’s expense.

If you are interested in parking a vehicle at 5856 Old Centreville Road and do not fall into categories 1-3 above, please submit the following form for consideration by CVFD. A limited number of permits will be issued at any given time. Priority will be given to off-duty FRD employees and LEOs.

A member of CVFD leadership will respond with a decision as soon as possible. Unless and until you receive a permit, we recommend that you refrain from parking in the lot.

Selecting a date far in the future does not guarantee that the request will be approved as submitted.
Please explain your relationship to CVFD and/or why you would like to park in our lot.