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Leadership Team

Chief Michael Wendt
President Patti Blankenship
Vice President Tom Williams
Secretary Preston Elder
Treasurer Dhruv Patel
Board of Directors Chairman John Phillips
Albin Alex
Steve Balk
Patti Blankenship
Matthew Lannon
Gregory Nagelin
Michael Wendt
Tom Williams

Administrative Leadership

The administrative leadership team is responsible for buildings and grounds, corporate finances, fundraising, and everything else that makes a non-profit organization tick. The team is comprised of a Board of Directors, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

For calendar year 2024, our President is Patti Blankenship.

Operational Leadership

The operational leadership team is responsible for ensuring that our members comply with all CVFD and Fairfax County policies related to training for and providing EMS and suppression services. We have a structured team consisting of a Chief, Captain, Lieutenants, and Sergeants. Operational members are divided in to squads for ease of management.

For calendar year 2024, operations falls under the purview of Chief Mike Wendt.