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The first step in the process to join is to inform us of your interest. Fill out the Request for Information form. Select Centreville VFD as the Department you are interested in joining, the type of membership you are interested in (Administrative or Operational), and submit the form. The Membership Committee will contact you and guide you through the membership process.

Note: All applicants are placed on probation until they pass the Background Investigation and are voted into membership. Operational members must pass a physical examination and be medically fit before training begins. Physical Exams for operational members are required annually to remain active. For more information on becoming a CVFD volunteer e-mail us at join@cvfd.org.

Being a volunteer takes time, committment and dedication. Our volunteers serve in Administrative and/or Operational capacities with the easiest distinction being, administrative members do not respond to emergencies and operational members do.

Administrative Members are the “backbone” of our organization. They serve in a number of capacities like teaching Citizen CPR, providing canteen services and providing administrative support at public service events like concerts at Bull Run, the Fairfax Fair, and others. One of the most critical roles of an administrative member is facilitating financial support for our organization, helping raise money for new apparatus and maintaining our facilities. The primary source of money is our Tuesday and Saturday Bingo Games which are run by administrative members.

Operational Members staff emergency units and respond to emergencies in the community. Operational Members are trained at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Academy just like the career staff and are required to maintain the same certifications as career Firefighters and EMTs. It can take 12-14 months to complete training, the curriculum is intense but the work is rewarding. There are two levels of Operational Members:

  • Firefighter/EMT: Provide fire suppression and Basic Life Support services as a supplemental minimum staffing fire fighter and BLS provider on fire apparatus, paramedic units and ambulances as needed to support the community. EMT certification is a pre-requisite to acceptance in Fire School.
  • EMS Only: Provide Basic Life Support services as supplemental staffing on paramedic units and/or staff an Ambulance as the Driver, BLS Officer or EMT as needed to support the community.